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Hello world!   Welcome to My New Blog About Style & Design…

Me headshotThis is my newest blog on WordPress.  Since I’ve always loved fashion, style & design, so I decided to create a separate website for topics that only center around those themes. Which means I’ll leave my vsatips site to focus exclusively on my first love, tech topics.

You can read more about me and how I ended up choosing this course at my vsatips website.  Then, if you’re still interested, you can read even a little bit more about me, about all that and about how it all relates to this new site vsatrends at a little bit more about me.

One reason I decided to create a separate blog for design related trends and ideas is because I need to figure out a better method for making a site that’s both responsive, mobile friendly, and adaptable to many of the minimalist themes that I love going forward.

I figured that a style and design blog would be the perfect place to test out new themes and templates.  It will also allow me to try keeping current with website graphical designs too.  So for now, I’m using the Writer theme.  This will hopefully suit my concept for an image based, minimally wordy site.

Whether or not I can pull off that feat is yet to be determined!

One additional thing that I still need to figure out is where to put my growing section of ‘hard to categorizecontent.  These posts are currently located at my vsatips site under ‘Things I Love’…which doesn’t really make complete sense I know!

But it’s late now, and I got a lot accomplished already by setting this new site up…so I’ll leave that decision for another day.


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