Tablo’s ‘Cord Cutter’s Dream Package’ Contest Ends Today

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Enter Tablo’s Contest to Win This Amazing Cord Cutter’s Dream Setup

Tablo is a Company That Makes the Best OTA DVR

After probably more than a year of research we finally ‘cut the cord’ last year and have never looked back. OTA means  Other the Air’ DVR…that you use with an antenna instead of cable or satellite dish. The amount of money we’re saving is a ridiculous amount! The Tablo always works and is as easy as Roku’s are to set up. That means SUPER EASY.

Don’t take my word for it just do a little research on OTA DVR’s and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But maybe enter the contest first…because I don’t know what time zone they are in!

If you live in a metropolitan area the Muhu antenna would probably be great for you, we did a rooftop one because we are more rural. I’ve not researched the Roku TV much…but when I did last there were highs and lows depending upon the model.

Link to the Contest

All In All I Think This Package is AMAZING

Which is why ai wanted to share this contest with friends and family. But it ends tonight…so you need to enter quickly if you’re interested. From what I can tell you enter by giving them your email address for an email subscription to their cord cutting news. And then improve your chances by sharing this to social media.

FYI I entered too! Wish they gave you credit for sharing this in blog posts! Oh well I still wanted to share it anyway because we love ours so much and I’d love to get one for the boys!

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Link to my YouTube Video on how to use Roku’s voice search feature

Sorry if there are any typos…I did this fast because I just learned of it and it ENDS TODAY! Also, if you visit my YouTube channel PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! I’ll explain later why that’s so important right now!


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