Did You Ever Wonder Which City’s Home’s Cost the Most Money & Which City’s Cost the Least in the USA?


Updated May 2017

Real Estate Broker’s Website’s Offer Some Cool Home Pricing Tools

I’ve occasionally wondered what our home would go for in today’s current market.  And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Coldwell Banker publishes just such a list at their website.  I wasn’t surprised to see that homes in California are among the most expensive in the country.  But I was somewhat surprised to see Cleveland, OH was in the last place position.

The list compares home prices in 2700 markets, and analyzes over 81,000 homes countrywide.  The prices shown are based upon a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home.

Below are some screenshot examples of the listings, which you can find here.

The most expensive homes are currently found in Newport Beach, CA.

Coldwell Banker Home Report 2015

One cool thing about the site is that you

can search for home prices by state.

image image

Time Magazine’s Article on the Median Price of Home’s in the US, May 2017

In this recent article in Time Magazine my Dad shared with me, they include a little box at the bottom where you can enter in your zip code to see what the median home price is in your area. The tool they’ve provided is actually from Zillow, where offers much more information at their own site such as median home prices by state like the sample show below.

Sample of Median home prices at Zillow

Sample of Zillow’s median home prices – you can navigate to more from the Zillow link in the paragraph above.

Zillow’s Zestimate Calculator

Zillow is perhaps the most internet friendly of all the real estate brokers in the U.S. currently. They offer a ton of online tools and apps for anyone interested in real estate prices…from home buyers on up to commercial brokers. Here’s one tool I love that let’s you quickly obtain an estimate of your home’s current value…which Zillow calls their Zestimate Calculator.

Zillow's Zestimate Calculator

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